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Ms. Atkins: Dementia Consultant

Introducing our dementia consultant a breakthrough technology in health awareness and conversational questions using the power of generative Ai .

For people interested in memory enhancement, recognition and early detection of Dementia via conversation, Ms. Atkins can assist in these areas.

How to Start a conversation: 

  1. Introduce yourself 
  2. Ask questions 
  3. Start a savings plan

Remember try to ask specific questions for best results, that will help Ms. Atkins give better answers to your questions.

When answering Yes or No, please try to provide additional information to receive better results to your queries and questions. 

Discuss and chat about memory and pattern recognition

*Please note: Our consultant chatbots are for general usage, for any health related issues or consultations please contact your local GP to assist you further. Our services are for general usage information only.  

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