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What we do

Explore the power of Customized Chatbots for your business


Personalized and Companion Chatbots 


Business and Customized Chatbots


An AI Consultant is a chatbot that uses natural language to assist and support human interactions using artificial intelligence technologies.

We have fine tuned our consultants to represent deep knowledge and experience related to each Consultant using natural language processing models, machine vision, speech-to-text, and other advanced computer models.

The chatbots use character visuals to represent a specific purpose of the chatbot and are meant to be illustrative.

We use machine learning models to mimic human gestures, speech, memory and targeted community groups to help train and provide questions and answers related to the consultants specific character.

We power the chatbots brain, and its improvement to responses is completely up the users. 

Currently we have 20 Consultants available to the public, 12 Business and 8 Personal consultants.

Currently all interactions within Consultant Ai chatbots are free for 200 minutes a month. API & integrations pricing can be found here.

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